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The Kith Loyalty ProgramUpdated 20 days ago

Welcome to Kith Loyalty, a point-based program that rewards customers with exclusive and early to products, experiences, and services. Based on points accumulated through purchases, along with Achievements and Moments, Loyalty Members will be placed into one of our tiers, where benefits can be unlocked. 

Joining the Kith Loyalty Program:

Who can join the Kith Loyalty Program? 

The Kith Loyalty Program is open to all customers. Only an account on the Kith App is necessary. 

Is it free to join the Kith Loyalty Program?

Yes. The Kith Loyalty Program is free to join, and does not require any enrollment fees or credit card application. 

How do I join the Kith Loyalty Program?

You are automatically enrolled in the Kith Loyalty Program once you make an account on the Kith App. Points will start accumulating with every purchase made at Kith Stores, on the Kith App, and on any regional Kith website.

Why don't I see the Loyalty Program in my Kith App?

Starting Friday, please update the Kith App to the latest version in the App Store and try again.

I already have an existing account on or the Kith App. Will my lifetime purchase history be counted toward points? 

Yes. Members will be placed into tiers based on their lifetime purchase history, based on the email address associated with, the Kith App, or in-store Kith purchases. 

I have two email addresses associated with and/or the Kith App. Can I combine them into one Kith Loyalty account?  

To maximize your point balance and loyalty status, we allow customers to link up to 1 email address previously associated with to combine your complete purchase history with your primary Kith Loyalty account. This action can only be done once and email addresses cannot be changed after doing so. Please visit the Link Accounts action, found in the settings of your Kith App account. 

Merging accounts solely combines point balance, and will not merge purchase history. Secondary accounts are no longer able to earn points after being merged. 

Please note: This action is completed based on an internal review process. Once approved, this action cannot be undone. If the secondary account is rejected, then a different secondary email address may be re-added. Please check in the Link Accounts section of the Kith App after 1-2 business days to see if your accounts have been merged.

If your secondary account has pending points, the accounts are unable to be merged and will remain in pending status until the pending period is over.

My account was suspended. What had happened? 

Account suspension may occur through inappropriate behavior, such as chargebacks. A suspended account is marked as such on the ID screen, and all other account information will be hidden. 

The Point System: 

The Kith Loyalty point system rewards points based on lifetime purchase history, as well as through Achievements and Moments. Point balance then determines the tier that each Member is placed in, which then determines tier benefits and rewards. 

When do I begin earning points?

Points are based on your complete purchase history under the email account associated with and/or the Kith App. Since points are retroactive, you will see a point total that corresponds with your purchase history on your Membership ID. 

How do I view my point total?

Your point total can be found in the Loyalty tab on the Kith App, located on your Membership ID card. 

How do I accumulate points?

Purchase points can be earned online, on the Kith App, at Kith Shops, and at Kith Treats locations worldwide (with some exceptions noted below). Points may also be earned by attending Moments or unlocking Achievements. 

When do points get added?

Some points, such as through Kith Moments and Achievements, may be added instantly. However, purchase points are put into pending status starting on the purchase date, after 28 days, they will be added to your points total.

Where do I see how many points I have?

Point total, along with tier status, can be found under the ID tab in the Kith App, located on your membership card. 

Are points redeemable?

Kith Loyalty Points are not redeemable and do not translate into fiscal dollars for spending. Points are used to unlock special rewards, benefits, exclusive access, and more. 

What are purchase points?

Purchase points are points earned through purchasing on, or at Kith retail locations. Points are calculated based on the native form of currency found in the location of purchase and vary depending on if a Non-Kith Apparel item is purchased, or if a Kith item is purchased. Please see the purchase point breakdown below:

2 Points

For every $1 spent on a Kith purchase, including apparel, collaborations, accessories, and footwear. 

1 Point

For every $1 spent on a non-Kith purchase, and at Kith Treats.

Please note that purchase points are not added from sales tax, discounted prices, or shipping costs. 

When are purchase points added?

Purchase points may remain in pending status for up to 28 days after the date of purchase. Pending points are not added to the customer’s total points, but are made visible for customer’s records. 

Are all global Kith retail locations taking part in the Loyalty Program?

No. The following locations will not be eligible for earning points or honoring benefits:

  • Kith at Hirshleifers

  • Kith at Selfridges

  • Kith at Bergdorf Goodman

  • Kith Tokyo

I made a purchase in a country whose currency is not the USD. How will my points be translated?

Kith Loyalty purchase points are based on the US dollar, and will be converted based on the daily conversion rate on the day of purchase. 

I have accounts on all three regional sites with the same email. Is my point total combined?

Yes. Orders placed under the same email address, regardless of the regional website used, will accumulate points under one Kith Loyalty account. 

I purchased something on sale, will I receive points from this purchase?

Yes, customers will receive points on purchases of sale items. However, customers will receive the amount of points reflected upon the sale price, not the original price. 

I made a retail purchase, but didn't provide my email address or scan my Kith ID. How do I get credit for those points?

Points can only be captured at retail if your identifying information is provided at the point of purchase. Kith cannot add a Customer to a Retail Order retroactively.

Why are my points in pending status?

Pending points allow for Kith Loyalty Members to make a return on their purchase if applicable or necessary. This prevents a negative point adjustment from being made.  

What happens to my points when I return a product/products?

Refunds will result in a point deduction equal to the amount of purchase. Tax and shipping do not apply to the deduction.

I made a purchase on or How will my points be adjusted?

Orders placed on one of our regional websites will have their points adjusted to the US standard, based on the daily currency exchange coefficient. For retroactive points, a currency coefficient will be determined at the time of calculation.  

What does Estimated Purchase Points mean in my cart?

This is the estimated point total that you will be awarded from the purchase in your cart. Please note that this total will take up to 28 days to be reflected on your ID card. 

Can I earn purchase points on orders placed with third party payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, or Shop Pay?

Yes. Points are earned through orders in-store, on the Kith App, or on any regional Kith website regardless of the payment method.

Do my Loyalty points expire?

No, Loyalty points do not expire. 

Why didn’t I earn points on my purchase?

If you choose to check out as a guest on or the Kith App, points will not be counted from your purchase. Points may also not appear due to the pending period in place for 28 days after the date of purchase. 

Are points transferable?

You cannot transfer points from one Kith Loyalty Program account to another. 

What should I do if there is an issue with my point balance?

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions or concerns regarding your point balance. 

The Tier System: 

The Kith Loyalty Program has three point-based tiers, unlocking experiences, Early Access, exclusive products, and more. 

What are tiers?

Tiers in the Kith Loyalty Program are where Kith Loyalty Members are placed based on their point history, and where the specific rewards, experiences, and additional benefits are decided. 

How many tiers are there?

The Kith Loyalty program has three tiers. In order, please see the tier breakdown below:

  • Tier I: Molecule (0 - 1,999 Points)

  • Tier II: Elevation (2,000 - 9,999 Points)

  • Vitality (10,000+ Points)

How are tiers determined?

Kith Loyalty Members are placed in tiers based on lifetime point accumulation. 

What are the tier names based on?

Tier names are based on colors from the classic Kith palette, found in seasonal collections, footwear collaborations, and more since 2011. 

Where do I see my tier status?

Tier status, along with point total, can be found under the ID tab in the Kith App, located under your membership card.

What tier benefits can I expect?


Please see below for the complete list of tiers and tier benefits:

Please note: skip the line at store entry and in-store returns cannot be honored at the following locations:

  • Kith at Selfridges

  • Kith at Hirshleifers

  • Kith at Bergdorf Goodman

  • Kith Tokyo

How do I see the tier benefits I’ve unlocked? 

Tier benefits such as Early Access and Tier Exclusives can be found on the Loyalty Timeline. Other benefits are found in your personal History feed. 

If I move up a tier level, what happens to the benefits I’ve previously earned?

Kith Loyalty Members will have full access to all unlocked benefits in their Kith Loyalty history. 

How will I know if I’ve unlocked a new tier status?

Your membership card will change upon unlocking your new tier status, after the 28-day points pending period. You will be able to access the benefits of their new tier once your Kith Loyalty account has changed. You will also receive an email or push notification alerting you of the tier change. 

What should I do if there is an issue with my tier status?

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions or concerns regarding your tier status. 


Designed to commemorate Kith experiences around the world, Kith Loyalty Members can earn points for attending special events, installations, and more through Moments. 

What are Moments?

Moments are Kith events located around the world. Including Kith Night at the Knicks, the Marvel | Kith Pop-Up at San Diego Comic-Con, visiting a Kith Store, and other installations, Moments are check-in opportunities for Kith Loyalty members to accumulate points based on their attendance. 

How do I check into a Moment?

Once you are within 100 yards of a Moment location, the check-in action will be unlocked in the Loyalty section of your Kith App profile. 

How many points do Moments earn?

Moments range in point value. The value for each moment is revealed on the Kith App upon unlocking. 

Where do I keep track of the Moments I’ve accumulated?

All unlocked Moments can be found under the All Moments section of your Kith Loyalty Program profile. 

Can I unlock the same Moment multiple times?

Moments, such as visiting a Kith Store, can only be unlocked once. This will refresh annually with the opportunity to unlock again upon completion in the new year. Points earned at a Moment will not be deducted after it is locked again.

I can’t check into a Moment that I’m currently at. Why is this happening?

You must have location services enabled to check into a Moment. If location services are not enabled, the check-in action will not be possible. 

What should I do if I’m having trouble with the Moments I’ve unlocked?

Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns regarding your Moments. 


Through Achievements, Kith Loyalty Members can earn points through action items and behaviors. 

What are Achievements?

Achievements allow Kith Loyalty Members to earn bonus points based on non-purchase behaviors. Some examples of Achievements include:

  • Entering a Drawing on the Kith App

  • Ordering three Kith Treats Specials

  • Placing three Monday Program™ orders 

  • Completing your preferences in the Kith App 

How many points do Achievements earn?

Achievement point values vary depending on the action, and can be found under the All Achievements section of your Kith Loyalty profile. 

Where can I keep track of my Achievements?

All unlocked Achievements can be found under the All Achievements section of your Kith Loyalty profile.

What are Hidden Achievements?

Hidden Achievements are Achievements that do not display in the app before being unlocked. 

When do Achievements refresh?

Achievements refresh on an annual basis, and can only be unlocked once in a calendar year. Customers can re-earn the same achievements during the next calendar year. 

When are my points from Achievements added to my Loyalty ID?

Points will be added to your Loyalty ID from Achievement behavior depending on the action. Purchase-based Achievements will fall into the 28 day pending period previously established. Achievements such as entering a drawing, subscribing to the Kith Newsletter, or visiting a Kith Store will be added immediately. 

What should I do if I’m having trouble with my Achievements?

Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns regarding your Kith Loyalty Achievements. 

Early Access:

From collaborations to seasonal collections, unlock the chance to shop before release day. 

Where do I see the collections I’ve unlocked Early Access to?

Kith Loyalty-based Early Access to collections, drawings, and more can be found under the Early Access section of your Kith Loyalty Program profile. 

How do I know if I’ve unlocked Early Access to a collection?

Unlocked Early Access to collections can be found under the Early Access section of your Kith Loyalty profile. You will also receive a push notification notifying you to shop early access. 

How long does Early Access last?

The timeframe to shop Early Access will vary depending on the collection. 

Tier Exclusives:

Custom apparel, accessories, and more–only for Kith Loyalty Members. 

What are Tier Exclusives?

Tier Exclusives are periodic collections, featuring custom apparel, accessories, and more designed exclusively for each tier. Each product is made-to-order and requires an additional processing period for manufacturing and shipping. 

How do I see which Tier Exclusives product I’ve unlocked?

You can shop unlocked products under the Tier Exclusives section of your Kith Loyalty Program profile. 

How can I purchase unlocked products from Tier Exclusives?

Products from Tier Exclusives can be purchased exclusively through the Kith App, in the collection unlocked on your Kith Loyalty Program Timeline. 

How long are Tier Exclusive products available to buy?

The purchase window for Tier Exclusive products may vary depending on each release. Closing information can be found on the product description page. 

When can I expect to receive my Tier Exclusive product since it is made-to-order?

Delivery information on your Tier Exclusive may be found on the product information page, as it may vary depending on the product. 

Can I cancel my Tier Exclusive product order?

No, these orders may not be canceled after checkout and are final sale.

Can I return my Tier Exclusive product order? 

No, these orders are final sale. 

Where can I get updates on my Tier Exclusive order?

Standard order email communication will be sent out periodically on the progress of your order. You can also check the Kith App for any order updates, or reach out to [email protected] for additional questions or concerns.  

The Timeline:

All things Kith Loyalty, tailored just for you on the Kith App. 

What is the Kith Loyalty Program Timeline?

The Kith Loyalty Program Timeline is where all of your activity as a Loyalty Member is found in chronological order. 

What can I find on the Timeline?

On the timeline, the following items are listed:

  • Your Membership Card

  • Orders

  • Achievements

  • Moments

  • Early Access

  • Unlocked Icons

  • Exclusive Content 

  • Tier Exclusive Product 

  • FAQs and Terms & Conditions

Also on the timeline, you can manage your account details, contact customer service, enable location and camera preferences, and update your shopping preferences. 


Experience Kith Loyalty at Kith Stores worldwide. 

How does Kith Loyalty work in-store at Kith retail locations?

Members of Kith Loyalty can either provide their email associated with Kith Loyalty at checkout, or scan the QR code found on their in-app Membership Card to redeem points based on in-store activity.  

Can I earn points in-store?

Points can be earned at Kith store locations by completing action Achievements, as well as through purchase points. 

How do I earn points at Kith Treats?

Show the Treats Associate at the counter your Loyalty QR code, and they will scan it to earn points towards your Treats purchase. Please note: $1 spent at Kith Treats transfers to 1 Kith Loyalty Point. 

How do I skip the line at Kith Stores as a Vitality Member?

Vitality tier Members can skip the line at Kith Stores by providing our security with your in-app Vitality card. Please note: stores have the ability to deny-skip-the-line at entry, and this benefit only admits the card holder with one additional guest. 

Our skip the line benefit cannot be honored on release days of Kith collections or collaborations, along with the release day of exclusive footwear.


How do I cancel my Kith Loyalty Program membership?

You can cancel your Kith Loyalty Program membership at any time, by deleting your account in the Settings tab of the Kith App. 

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