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Kith for Invisible Friends FAQsUpdated a year ago

Will we only be able to purchase the same size as our Kith for Invisible product?

No. With ownership of any edition of the Kith Friend, holders will get access to the full Kith for BMW collection, any size.  

How do we access perks/benefits from our Kith IF?

Follow @Kith and @invisblefriends on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on any perks stemming from Kith Friends ownership. Any access to perks will be on

How will outfit changes work and will the outfit change be automatic and a full evolvement of our character?

Kith Friends will evolve to be wearing a new collection automatically, the holder is not required to do anything. Evolutions will be temporary, and the Friend will revert back to their original appearance after an unspecified amount of time. The evolutions will be archived, and the holder will see that the Kith Friend now has a carousel arrow to view previous evolutions. 

Will we get Early Access to any other collections?

Our roadmap has always been to continually evolve our Kith Friends to provide Early Access and exclusive perks to our NFT community. We will continue to announce evolutions on Kith and Invisible Friends social channels.

When is the Kith for Invisible Friends apparel that we can redeem as part of ownership going to be available?

The Kith for Invisible Friends merchandise is still scheduled to be available to redeem in early 2023.

Can we select an evolved outfit as our free outfit?

No. The free redeemable apparel/footwear will only be that which your Kith Friend was originally wearing when purchased. This will be reverted back to the default appearance by the time the product is ready to ship in early 2023.

Can we return or exchange our redeemed outfit?

No, the redeemed product will be non-returnable. If you have an issue with your received product, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance. 

Where do we get updates on Early Access and perks?

Follow @Kith and @invisblefriends on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on any perks stemming from Kith Friends ownership. 

What if I don't access discord or IG in time to get Early Access?

Early Access will be open for 48 hours, while supplies last. 

Does Kith have our information to notify us personally of these benefits?


How do I know that the Kith Friend I buy on the secondary market is legitimate?

Every NFT has a particular contract address. The following URL formula is displayed when you click an NFT and go to it's single-page display on Opensea:<CONTRACT ADDRESS>/<TOKEN ID>

Real Kith Friends will always have the following address in the URL: 0x130cfab3817467f532c179d4e6502f5a7e7d44c7 

If any other sequence were to show AFTER then it is not an authentic Kith for Invisible Friends NFT.

Example of an authentic Kith for Invisible Friends NFT URL: 

Kith & BMW for Invisible Friends

What is Kith & BMW for Invisible Friends?

Kith will be continuing its on-going partnership with Invisible Friends. Always approached as a long-term partnership, Kith will evolve the Kith Friends for the first time. 

As part of our roadmap with Invisible Friends, we want to continue to provide utility for our Kith Friends holders. When we first introduced the project with Invisible Friends, we spoke about the concept of evolving the friends. The goal behind evolving the Kith Friends is to feature upcoming projects, and reward holders for being a part of the Kith Friends community. Kith Friends holders will gain Early Access to the product featured on the Friends when they evolve, ahead of the general public.

For the first evolution, the Kith Friend edition pieces will evolve and change artwork to be wearing the Kith for BMW clothes and accessories. There will be no new sales of NFTs—just existing Kith Friends changing artwork into Kith for BMW Friends. Existing Kith Friends holders will get Early Access to the entire collection, on Monday, 10/3 at 10am EST through Wednesday, 10/5 at 10am EST, via a token-gated website, similar to the Kith for Invisible Friends Hoodie pre-order. The size of the Kith Friend will not limit which size of the BMW collection holders can purchase. Holders will be prompted on the website to connect their NFT wallet, once connected the site will verify that the Kith Friend is in the wallet, and once confirmed, will take them to the collection webpage. 

Please note, Kith Friends holders will still be able to redeem their Kith Friends collaborative merchandise in early 2023. By selling your Kith Friend, you forfeit the opportunity to redeem your Kith for Invisible Friends merchandise — the new holder will have that access.  

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